The Board of Governors has responsibility for corporate governance, 管理和财务可持续性, the University's Strategy 而且 for determining the educational character 而且 mission of the University.

Further details of the role of the Academic Board, 并向董事会报告, 能在其管理工具中找到吗.

The Board has the following sub-committees:

  • 审计委员会
  • 金融 & 发展委员会
  • 提名 & 治理委员会
  • 人民文化委员会
  • 报酬委员会

进一步的信息rmation about the membership 而且 the work of the Governing Body is as follows:


The 十大靠谱买球平台 was granted University title in 2005 而且 is governed by its 政府文书和章程

学生们在圣. 约翰的校园