在这个博客中,犯罪学讲师, 考特尼史密斯,调查危机时期网络诈骗的增长. Courtney is interested in critically thinking about how traditional criminological theory may apply in the context of green criminology, exploring the challenges 而且 benefits that this may bring to mainstream underst而且ings of ‘crime’ 而且 ‘justice’.  考特尼喜欢在工作中采用多学科的方法, 从各个学术领域汲取专业知识.

There is one substantial truth when it comes to technology: the more ingrained these advancements become in our everyday lives, so increases the number of opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit societal vulnerability. Cyber-fraud can broadly be defined as deception through misrepresentation for financial gain 而且 while non-specific this encompasses a wide variety of fraudulent acts from identity theft all the way to romance fraud. The nuances between method 而且 motivations amongst the plethora of fraudulent acts can help create more narrow underst而且ings of the various types of offences, 尽管总的来说,上述因素仍然得到了一致的遵守.


The scope of such crime is vast – the Office for National Statistics estimated that there were 4.5 million fraud offences in the year leading up to March 2022 (an increase of 25% on the year ending March 2020)! 当然, much of this increase was attributed to the behavioural shift to online living during the p而且emic, 消费者和零售诈骗案件有所增加. Half of the respondents to the Crime Survey of Engl而且 而且 Wales reported receiving suspicious emails, 可能与诈骗有关的短信或社交媒体信息. 

What’s more is that West Mercia 警察 have recently raised the alarm on two significant scams currently in circulation in the Worcestershire area: the first relating to PayPal scams 而且 the second linked to energy scams targeting those experiencing financial hardship during the ongoing energy 而且 cost of living crises. 因此,网络诈骗并不是眼不见心不烦的事情. Rather it is an embedded component of modern-day living – 而且 an underst而且ing of such offences has never been more important!


Cyber phishing is similar in concept to regular fishing – it is quite simply the use of as bait to lure individuals. Bait usually exists in the form of fake messages which trick users into clicking malicious links, 提供个人信息, 或满足财务要求. Links can be used to prompt individuals to unwittingly download malicious software which can infect 而且 corrupt personal devices. 然而,网络钓鱼也可以用来分发链接到被欺骗的网站. These are webpages that masquerade as trusted sites such as personal banking log in pages or social media sites. Vulnerabilities are exploited when individuals log in by entering their usernames 而且 passwords to these pages which are conveniently designed to communicate this information to the cybercriminal. 但是应该注意这一点, that spoofing is not only confined to websites but has also been observed in relation to phone numbers, text messages 而且 email addresses 而且 so there is a multitude of ways for phishing scams to be distributed.


Phishing scams tend to overemphasise a level of urgency 而且 instil fear in victims with scammers encouraging immediate action to be taken. Simple prompts such as an inauthentic security alert encouraging a password change are enough to deceive users 而且 provide an attacker with all the relevant information needed to exploit the individual for financial gain. 一些网络钓鱼诈骗,被称为鱼叉式网络钓鱼诈骗,甚至更加复杂. This is because they take longer to play out 而且 require a high degree of knowledge about the target. Spear phishing attacks target specific individuals based on their characteristics or job profile, often mimicking language 而且 email signatures that portray the correspondence as authentic 而且 credible. It is this level of sophistication that induces a sense of trust amongst target populations 而且 thus elevates the potential level of success for scammers.


十大靠谱买球平台都听过这样一句话:“技术的好坏取决于使用它的人。”. While we may use this as a way to refer to our technological aptitude (or to somewhat evaluate the usefulness of tech developments), 相反,网络罪犯热衷于通过人为错误来利用十大靠谱买球平台的网络漏洞.

Social engineering relies on using human interaction 而且 psychological manipulation to trick users into making errors when it comes to safeguarding personal 而且 protected information. This process of manipulation sees the cybercriminal gain the confidence of their target via their misrepresentation of their trustworthiness. 在某些情况下, 攻击者甚至会仔细观察他们的受害者, 针对那些证明某些网络不安全的人. It is important to note here that the reason social engineering works so well in the field of

网络犯罪是因为它不寻求利用技术的漏洞. 它只是利用了人为错误的能力!


Despite the above allusion to the sophistication of such scams it is important to note that the sheer number of indiscriminate scams in existence mean it is imperative for individuals to know how to protect themselves from this type of extortion.

行动欺诈, 英国诈骗和网络犯罪国家报告中心, 建议个人考虑以下步骤:

1. 停止:在放弃你的金钱或个人信息之前,花点时间思考一下. 仔细考虑询问信息的请求可以保护你免受欺诈行为的伤害.

2. 挑战:骗子会试图催促你发送信息或金钱. 如果您怀疑请求是假的,您可以拒绝、拒绝或忽略请求.

3. Protect: If you think that you are a victim of fraud contact your bank immediately 而且 report it to 行动欺诈 online at http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ 或者转发到report@phishing.政府.uk