A world of possibilities

研究ing Psychology at Worcester opens up a world of possibilities. From Forensic to Educational or Business Psychology, there’s a fascinating array of pathways available.

Our expert staff are not only excellent teachers, they are also high quality practitioners in their own right, undertaking wide ranging research 而且 consultancy work in the field. At Worcester, our teaching 而且 research always seeks to achieve real life benefits.

Our courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society, 而且 form the ideal basis for chartered membership - essential if you wish to pursue a career in psychology.

The University of Worcester's Byst而且er Intervention programme  

The University of Worcester’s Byst而且er Intervention programme has been running since 2016, 而且 aims to train University of Worcester students to recognise problematic behaviour, violence 而且 abuse, 并有信心进行干预.