These wheels are typically stock items (subject to availability).  The 7000FF steering unit has a modular hub interface ring which can accept other steering wheels such as Momo or Sparco passenger car wheels with a 6 bolt 70mm pattern.  Our 350mm and 320mm paddle shifters are also multi-fit and will accept both Grant 5 bolt and Momo/Sparco 6 bolt patterns.  The standard paddle shifter is an 8 function (2 levers + 6 buttons).  A 4 function (2 levers + 2 buttons) is optional.  The 7000 can also be ordered with no wheel or paddle shifter for those who have their own requirements.  Contact ECCI for availability of hub interfaces to suit non-standard requirements.
Sport Silver 320mm Sport Red 320mm Sport Yellow 320mm
SSport Silver 320mm (Std. 7000) Sport Red 320mm Sport Yellow 320 mm
Talladega Black White 350mm Talladega Black Black 350mm Pocono 300mm
Talladega Black/White 350mm Talladega Black/Black 350mm Pocono 300mm
Momo 26 Momo 27 Momo 27C
Momo model 26 280mm Momo model 27 270mm Momo model 27C 270mm
Momo 29 ECCI/NRG Quick Release  
Momo model 29 270mm Quick Release